Sunday, June 27, 2010

Architecture - Revisited

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending some time on the NC State campus with my family. My nephew just did a week at the Design Camp there and had a wonderful time!!! It was my first time ever visiting there School of Art+Design and I was pleased with what I saw.

I graduated from a College of Architecture (now known as the College of Architecture + Arts) where the main focus of the school was JUST architecture. The neat thing about the School of Art+Design is access to a number of different items that cross the line of design. During that week, my nephew was exposed to architecture, animation, graphic design and landscape architecture, to name a few. He had a great time and I think that the camp allowed him to get a better idea of what he REALLY wants to be when he "grows up". It was nice to be back in a creative environment and to see my nephew's excitement about that vast world of design and all that it has to offer.

While there, we got the chance to see the work that he had completed during the week along with the details of his grueling schedule. He was up each day at 6:30am to grab breakfast before his 8am studio and then not back to his room until 1:00am the next day. BOY...did that bring back memories...and not good ones!!! I told him to expect just that in design school, but instead of one week, he would be blessed with 13/14 of those suckers :)

The highlights of the day for my sweet girl were 1) Getting to chance to see her cousins, Aunt and Uncle and 2) Getting the chance to parade around with the Design Camp Mascot on. I never learned the mascot's name, but thought it was hilarious to see my sweet girl's feet and legs sticking out from below this massive piece. Couple that with her sweet giggles...priceless!!!

Have a Happy and Hot Sunday!

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