Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Room at a Time...

I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July! We had a wonderful time visiting with my family. I had not been home since my mother's funeral, so it was just good to see everyone on MUCH better terms!

I am working like a crazed woman to try and get my daughter's room finished up...I am sure that at least one of my dear friends will love the colors! I am committed to now finish one room at a time. I am dying to get the new flooring installed in the living/dining/family rooms and make the new curtains for the space, but I vow to finish K's room before I move onto anything else. It is so funny how there are only a few more things that need to be done in K's room and it seems to be taking FOREVER.

So here is my plan to get it done:

1. Today, I dropped off the dresser mirror at the frame shop for reassembly....YEAH! The mirror that I am using at K's dresser is one that was used in my SIL's room when she was a little girl, some 40 years ago. The frame was that ugly light yellow with a gold trim. I took the mirror apart and refinished the frame part in white to match K's furniture in her room. I was a little nervous about the reassembly, so decided to have a professional take on the job...well worth the $25!!!! I might have to leave a tip for that one.

2. Today, I ordered some cute mini canvases from YelliKelli over at Etsy. There is a wall in the room where there are three hooks for K to hang up her dress up clothes. I decided to hang a canvas over each hook. Each canvas will contain an image and one of the following words, LOVE, HOPE and DREAM. Below is an image of a sample one from her site...cannot wait to see what mine looks like!

3.Today at lunch, I went to buy the rest of the needed ribbon to finish her closet valance. I waited too long and the ribbon that I used before has been discontinued. So, I will have to replace the ribbon on her window valences as well :( That is what I get for stretching this project out SOOOO long.

4. And last but not least, today I have resolved to sew and hang the closet valance before the weekend is done. We will see how this one goes.

Be on the lookout for some photos soon :)


Nutsy Coco said...

Why is my google reader not showing your new posts!? Glad I checked and saw that you had several posts that I missed. Can't wait to see pics of K's room!

CandCFamily said...

Can't wait to see the finished project

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