Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trying Something New

I have always wanted to use my youth girl pillowcase dress pattern to make a woman's shirt, but I ever got around to it. Well last week, after scratching my head on finding a birthday gift, I was afforded the opportunity and I jumped right on it!

I chose fabrics that I had never worked with before (silky polys) and used myself as a model for sizing - another first! I was happy with how the shirt turned out and the recipient, a dear friend, was also equally pleased!

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Sweet Patience said...

I love this blouse that you made, as I have told you before! If only I were an A cup! All jokes aside.
This is very cute.
I did have something similar to this a few years back and it wore well. It was a kinda Tiffany blue suede halter with a lower cut back. I think that I wore in once in NYC to a function, and then I actually got rid of it at a swap party two years ago.

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