Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Few Changes...in Life and the Blog

I know that it has been eons since I last posted, but my life has taken a few hits since that last post in January 2010. On March 26, my dear sweet mother was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer and seven weeks later, on May 14, she lost the battle. Those seven weeks changed my life as I still deal with the lost. The one thing that I treasure most about my mother was her ability to create things...that's where I get it from. She was always busy using her hands, whether working on her "almost" prize winning roses, adding a faux finish to a wall or baking up some of her famous mac and cheese! The wonderful thing is that she shared her talents with anyone that was willing to learn! That is the legacy that she leaves, and I am all so grateful for it. I love and miss her dearly and will hold on to the memories that she leaves.

During the last five months, I also made the decision to allow daisiesndoodlebugs to waste away. While I love the stationery business, I was tiring of the hunt for the perfect paper. There was once a boom for papercrafting stores but now that has dwindled, making it harder and harder to get that perfect match. So, with that said, my blog website address is now http://www.nchandmademama.blogspot.com/. If you follow the blog, please make note of this moving forward and if I am linked to your page, please be sure to update.

While away, I was doing some crafting to take my mind away from the stresses of life. I was going to try and do a one post catch up but decided to take a little at a time. Handmade stuff is nice to share no matter when it was made. So in the coming days, I will be posting my wares. It is good to be posting again and talking about life.

In loving memory of my mother, Mary Pendergrass....the original "Handmade Mama"

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Mary said...

She did make the best mac and cheese I have ever experienced in my life and will be very much missed by all of us :) Glad to see you back blogging!

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