Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow, that was a mouth full!!! We had wonderful holidays and just returned from our annual New Year's trip to Myrtle Beach! We spent Christmas at home this year, which was such a blessing! Of course Kayden got too much stuff that we just finished storing in her room. And to think that in just four weeks, we will playing the same "where can it go" game with her birthday gifts...YIKES!

So, now that all of the gifts have been opened, I can share the handmade goodies...both sent and received.

Kayden's layette was a hit with my little woman. I ended up making her a gown, two bibs, two diapers, a blanket, a hooded towel and a diaper bag. That diaper bag and blanket have gone EVERYWHERE with us. It is nice to see her appreciate something homemade...although I am sure that she has no idea. Funny thing is that she saw some of the pieces before the holiday and she still was surprised when she saw them on Christmas morning.

I made a plaid wrap skirt for Melanie. I created a pattern using my new Sew What Skirts book.

For Mary, I created a pocketfold filled with personalized stationery.

I received some really wonderful gifts from Mary and Melanie. Melanie sewed and wove a beautiful basket for me that now sits on my nightstand holding sweet treats for Kayden. You can see it over at her Happy New Year post! Mary created a wall tote/sack for me that can hold books or whatever your heart desires. What fun fabric choices! That is not the official name of the piece, but my dear sweet child drew some beautiful pictures on the description sent with the gift so who knows where it has been hung :). Thanks ladies!

I am looking forward to a handmade 2010 and have already started on my first project...Kayden's third birthday party. The invites are printed and are ready for assembly. They will go out by Wednesday. I will be sure to post some photos here!


Sweet Patience said...

Cute baby items! I loved our stationary!

CandCFamily said...

I LOVE that layette set you made!

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