Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Days and To Do Lists

Hello Folks!!! One of the projects that I completed during my blogcation was a Kindergarten Memories album for a dear friends daughter. It was a birthday gift and while MaKinly loved the gift, mom enjoyed the gift most of all! Thank God that we decided to also get her an Owl outfit!

I fell in love with the KI Memories School Days line and spent weeks scouring the internet, craft stores and craft listservs for as much of it as I could find. The line was discontinued about two years ago, so it was a chore. I purchased it initially to complete a K-5th grade album for Kayden but then realized that I had more than enough to do a small album for MaKinly as well.

In creating the album, I decided to create pockets because I know that there is always paperwork to be stored when it comes to school stuff whether it be progress reports or school assignment letters. The album was created so that she could fill in dates and add photos as they become available along with recording MaKinly's handwriting. I will use the pages as templates for Kayden's album!

Images from left to right:
Top Row: American Crafts Cloth Album in Red, Intro Page, First Day of School Photo Page
Middle Row: Getting Ready Pocket, Write On Alphabet Page, Good Job Pocket
Bottom Row: Lunch Visit Photo Page, Artwork Pocket, Friends Photo Page

In posting these photos, I realized that I have a crafting to do list and what better place to put it in writing than here on my blog. As I get things done, I will update my list! So, here goes:

1. Baby Shower Giftie for Lydia (sew two burp cloths, bib and tote for pampers/wipes)
2. Baby Shower Giftie for Melanie (sew two burp cloths, bib and tote for pampers/wipes)
3. Design Christmas Card Insert
4. Commence work on Kayden's school album
5. Sew curtains for my Craft Room (so that I can FINALLY post some pictures)
6. Make hairbows for Kayden for the fall (we are making our way up to one ponytail....YEAH)
7. Determine Christmas photo day and choose outfits
8. Determine and begin making homemade Christmas Giftie
9. get numbers 1 to 8 done before I even THINK about Kayden's fifth birthday party (this one is for Melanie)!

Have a great night folks!


Nutsy Coco said...

Good luck with your list! And I'm assuming #2 is another Melanie!

Handmade Mama said...

@Melanie, I will need lots of luck with the list...thanks! And yes, that is for another Melanie, but I am sure that you will be next ;)

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