Friday, September 9, 2011

All About Giving

For Christmas last year, my dear friend Mel was given a copy of the book Quilting for Peace. The book gives quilters a choice of quilting projects to complete for various charities. Melanie is an avid quilter and a selfless giver, so this was the perfect gift for her!

In order to get myself and another dear friend, Mary, involved, she decided that we would make a baby quilt to be given to a TBD organization. We three were given the task to create 13 squares each from a selected coordinated fabric line, mail them all to Melanie, where she would create the final masterpiece. Well after months of waiting on MOI, and a slight measurement mishap, the quilt was completed about a month ago! Melanie did a great job in pulling it all together....I never expected anything less! And that reminds me to ask Mel the name of the chosen charity!

So, to continue the spirit of giving, I am gearing up to make baby shower gifts for two new friends that I met through my local Junior League, Melanie (not the one above) and Lydia. On the 8th of October, I will be hosting a shower for them in my home, and I am REALLY excited for them! As outlined in my to do list (about to start marking stuff off soon :)), I have plans to make them a small tote, burp cloths and bibs that they can use for their little ones once they arrive. I have already selected coordinating fabrics and wanted to share them here. While I am not normally a fan of animal prints, the Michael Miller Zoology line always sucks me in. I will animal prints to create the totes and the solids to line them. The other fabrics will be used for the other pieces. Looking forward to cutting fabric and getting some sewing in over the weekend!

Night night folks!


Angela said...

I love the quilt! Your baby shower gifts will be lovely as well. I so wish I could sew.

Handmade Mama said...

Thank you Angela! Mel did a great job piecing it together. My squares were the yellow/purple and as you can see, there were EXTRAS of those, hence the measurement mishap! I am itching to start on the paper shower gift....may cut some fabric tonight!

Nutsy Coco said...

I love that we were able to work on a project together and it will be going to Project Linus.

Can't wait to see the shower gifts!

Sweet Patience said...

Very modern prints. The one on top definitely looks more soft for a newborn girl, it seems :-). I am sure they will turn out just nice. That is so nice of you to host the two ladies shower in your home. Especially considering that you just met them. That is a really nice gesture.

Handmade Mama said...

Kristy, I cannot wait to share the shower gifts! I was not sold on the boy print until I remembered my friend Mel's quilt in the same colors for a baby boy! It turned out beautiful! And not a big deal at all for allowing the girls to use my home for the shower. We are all pitching in something and no one had enough space, besides me, to host everyone. I consider it an honor as my home is a gift from God and belongs to Him, so whenever He moves me to host, I do NOT hesitate! And I have known Lydia and Mel for over a year now and even if I had not, it wouldn't have made a difference! They have become dear friends!!!!

Sweet Patience said...

I am in love with the pink one. I can see what you are saying about the boy fabric. Cute, but I love the pink much better. That is great that another item will go with the item you made.

That is the right spirit to have towards hosting Nakira. I am the same way. However, I have been on the receiving in this year due to my son. I guess all of the pay back from all of the showers I supported and helped host. My parents raised me to be that way as well and they are definitely the same way. They are forever hosting or talked into hosting family gatherings and other gatherings as everyone else feels as if their space is not large enough to entertain large crowds. Hence, that is why you and I can never get to hang out and do any girlfriend things or couple/family things when I come home because there is always a big family function at our my parent's home when we come into the state.

I grew up with my mother hosting showers and other things for friends in our home and it was second nature to me. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not know how to host or put on an event or just were not exposed to it. I know you can believe it. You and I are both southern girls.

It does help with things when everyone chips in and you do not have to do it all by yourself. However, that is a topic for another events. To host or not to host! Once I catch up on my blog, I am sure that it will be a little topic. I have heard so many crazy stories ladies about hosting stuff and failed group efforts.

You will be blessed for opening your home to your friends and family. I am sure that you see it as I do, it is not a big issue and it is something that you enjoy doing to make someone's special day turn out spectacular. You are right, and I always tell people that I am so blessed, even when I try to complain, I thank God for the ability to host, having a place to share with others and the spirit to want to host. Everything belongs to Him and I always recognize that. To God be the Glory with sharing what we have been blessed with. To not give to receive back because our blessings come in so many other ways.

I wish that you lived closer as well. I would host a lot more small girlfriend events and craft events since we have similar interests.

Hugs from one hostess to another!

CandCFamily said...

I love the quilt! Maybe a foster care organization would be a good place to give to.
I love the quilt and what an awesome idea to make and give a quilt away.

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