Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting Tangled in Pajamas

Oh my goodness...can I just say that I am happy to see life returning to normal. Between the last minute surgery, the holidays and Kayden's birthday party, I am whipped!!!The soiree was last Saturday night and it was a huge hit!!! All of the girls came in their PJ's and we hired a Disney princess to come in and entertain the girls (why had I not done this before)! We were hoping to have Rapunzel come but of course NO ONE had her available since the movie is still SOOO new, so we had Tiana come instead...after all, Rapunzel was stuck in the tower and could not join us :)

So, I am lazy and decided to create a collage to avoid having to upload a lot of pictures! I hope that the images convey just how much fun we had!!!

Pictures from left to right:
Top Row: Kayden all smiles in her b-day PJ's - The cake that DH and I made - Place setting at the party
Middle Row: The invitation - Princess Tiana with Kayden and her party guests
Bottom Row: A shot of the kitchen/nook before the party - Mini take home candy buffet - Kayden and I at her barbie themed school party

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