Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Little Gents Collection

In my last post, completed today as well (setting a record here), I mentioned that I was working on a bowtie and belt set for some Christmas gifts for kid boy/toddler friends. Well, I got a set done today and I must say that it is SOOOOO stinkin cute!!!! Who would have ever thought that Hancock Fabrics would have a bowtie set (the silver hardware) right in the button section of their store for $1.50. I will be sure to wipe out my store during the 50% off Notions/Button sell.

I am SOOOOO thinking of selling some of these in an Etsy shop. I did some research and I cannot find anything exactly like them out there. I have no idea of what to charge for these things but cotton, non loop, velcro back styles, are going for $20 each on Etsy....WHAT!!!!

I created the pattern myself based on some fabric hairbows that I made for Kayden back in the Spring. I am now trying to master the small, medium and large sizing...which is trial and error at this point. I am also now going to be on the hunt for grown up looking silk fabrics, like this one, to use!

Presenting....the Little Gents Collection by daisies 'n' doodlebugs. I call this set the Aggie, in honor of my DH. I see this set being paired with a crisp blue seersucker suit on a southern spring day :) Seersucker is SOOOO southern...I LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks for looking!

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