Monday, October 11, 2010

Inspiration - Pantry Reorg

After some inspiration last week from my friend Mel, I was hit with a cleaning bug on Sunday and decided to reorganize our pantry. It never looked bad, but I was so tired of buying boxes of powdered and brown sugar only to come home and realize that the box in my pantry was full or the opposite, failing to buy and the box was empty. We are fortunate to have a nice size pantry but some of those items in the far corners get lost and never get eaten/used.

I found some of these OXO containers, like Mel's, at Ross and Homegoods and picked them up for my dry ingredients....I love a good deal!! I even took the time to label those suckers. I cleared out enough space to empty a shelf and clear items off of the pantry floor, i.e. can goods. This makes me happy :) And I do not have OCD.....

Thanks for looking!

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