Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Weekend Off....

from parenting! My in laws kept our sweet Kayden over the weekend and it was SOOOO nice to spend time with my DH, having lunch and dinner out without a toddler and most importantly, sleeping in! You gotta love those grandparents!

I did get a few things done while Kayden has been office is STILL not complete! One of those things was to wash and iron a majority of the fabric that I will be using for my Christmas/Birthday projects for the rest of the year. I was also able to purchase Kayden some fabric to make her a custom dress for my husband's homecoming...which is TWO weeks away!!! Here is a sneak peek at my Christmas/Birthday gifties fabric choices:

I also had the chance to do some more I type, I have another apple pie baking in the oven. My in laws went the mountains last week and picked up some fresh granny smith apples. I mentioned a pie and of course my father in law insisted that I make one...he even called me to come back to the house when we left the back my mistake. I made a double batch of the crumble topping for this one, so it should be a little sweeter than before.

Off to pick up our sweet girl in a bit!

Thanks for looking!


Nutsy Coco said...

Which of those are my birthday fabrics? ;) And where is my pie recipe?!

Handmade Mama said...

@Mel...My lips are sealed...and who said that you were getting a birthday gift anyway?!?!?

Recipe...whoops...I will scan it this week..PROMISE :)

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