Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There

I received an e-mail on last night asking me if I would be interested in creating a baby shower invitation for my next door neighbors. They already have a daughter, Brooke, that Kayden loves to hang out with and they will be welcoming a son something around Christmas...he is actually due Christmas Eve. The theme is jungle animals...what fun!

I created the following invitation samples as a start. The samples are the same with the exception of the cloud and background colors. The brown object in the center is supposed to represent a ribbon knot...close your eyes and use your imagination :) Thoughts?

update 10/17 - changed the there to their on the invitation


Nutsy Coco said...

OMG, those are adorable! The animals are super cute. I personally like the blue sky with white clouds better than white with blue. I'm not sure how I feel about the brown ribbon. I get it but I feel like it should look more ribbon-y.

Handmade Mama said...

Thank you Mel! It will be more ribbon-y on the actual invites, becasue I will be using real ribbon. Ribbon is SO hard to portray in flat form like this...I need to look for some options :) I knew that you would "get it"!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I too like the blue sky.

One grammatical suggestion - I think it's supposed to be "their"

Handmade Mama said...

Thank you anonymous! And yes, I realized that it should be their and not there, but I was honestly too lazy to change it. After a two week recovery from tonsil removal surgery, I was happy to be creating again. I will make sure to get the changed on the final proof and thanks again for your comment and stopping by :)

Mel, I cannot believe that you did not catch that!

Sweet Patience said...

You already know that I think this is an adorable card, however, I am going to put it here for the record!

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