Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hobo...on SO many levels...

Yes, I am still alive but my summer was crazy. I worked with approx. 10 brides through my Etsy shop on summer, fall and winter wedding items and really enjoyed the work. I hated being away from doing crafting for myself and just posting on my blog. At this time, I have closed the shop until further notice. I am tired and just want to take a break. I want to come home from my full time job and have no other commitments but to cook dinner, play with my daughter, spend time with my husband and enjoy crafting; especially with the holidays just around the corner.

My latest project was sewing a purse for my 2.5 YO DD. I looked high and low for a purse but found nothing that did not feature some teen heart throb. I searched the web for a great hobo pattern and found this neat one over at VanillaJoy.

I printed the pattern with two patterns sheets per page to get a smaller size, which proved to be perfect for my DD. The pattern was easy to follow and I cut a number of corners since the bag was being made for a mini person. I used some extra fabric that I had laying around my craft room and I added a piece of ribbon for the handle; finishing it off with some navy grosgrain ribbon ties. My DD loved the bag and was eager to fill it up with her "necessary" stuff...too cute!


Sweet Patience said...

Thanks for sharing this!
I have made a list of our little ladies (6 and under) that will be receiving one for Christmas as well. I guess I will have 5 to make! I hope the project is as quick as you say it is! We will see. I have plans to pick up fabric this weekend.

Handmade Mama said...

@Kristy...I cannot guarantee that it will be easy, but they will be fun and unique :) Your DH should be able to help you simplify the pattern so that you do not have to do ALL of the outlined steps. Keep me posted!

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