Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

On yesterday, a friend and I were blessed to throw a diaper party for a mutual buddy. This is her second son, so she did not want a traditional shower. I was a little disappointed when she told me that she wanted to do an Evite instead of paper invitations. I sucked it up and created a custom graphic for the Evite. It ended up being a great move, because I was able to use the graphic on the favors and party game books.

The shower was intimate and small so I was able to use my basic white china, silverware and red cloth napkins. I was dying to use the formal stuff, but the hubby said no. Everything turned out beautiful and we had a blast! Just wanted to share!


Sweet Patience said...

These look nice Nakira! That was nice of you guys to give her a shower even though it was the same sex as her first child. I am sure that she was thrilled. The items look very chic, modern/urban look. I like them and the color pattern.

CandCFamily said...

That looks so nice. Great job!

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