Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WARNING: Pinterest Post

Like many people in the world...YES world, I have a confession...I have a love affair with Pinterest!!! Yep, I said it...and you may want to admit the same thing. Pinterest has replaced the bookmark tool in my Mozilla Browser and has been lovingly replaced with my Pin It button.

Over the past year, I have used the site so much...my first board was the one that I started for Kayden's 5th Birthday party and let's just say that I used almost 90% of the ideas that I found and pinned on there.

Well, now that the party is over, I decided to get busy on some stuff for me...YES me...this post is full of shocking statements. My first was to finally begin the last part of my craft room. I actually got the window treatments made today (photos to follow in the coming weeks) and spent some time organizing my fabric stash. The fabric folding idea was found on Pinterest and I had to do it!!! I loved turning a pile of fabric into an organized color orgasm ;)




My second project was my version of a ribbon tank that I also pinned on Pinterest months ago. I loved watching this Target tee going from plain to LOVELY!!! The hardest part was pleating the ribbon, but once I got on a roll, there was no stopping me.




I HAD to post a photo of the ribbon pinning...INSANE!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Nutsy Coco said...

You know I love pinterest! And you can add a link on your blog to your pinterest page ;)

CandCFamily said...

Love it! I kinda want to make one for our Disney trip for me.

Handmade Mama said...

Thanks Mel and Carly! Carly, I say go for it...it really is an easy sew...the hardest part is pleating the ribbon! And Mel, my Pinterest button is there...do you see it?

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