Sunday, December 13, 2009


Princess Tiara - $4.31
Lunch at BJ's (she wanted hot dogs) - $5.49
Movie Ticket - $7.00
Popcorn and Apple Juice - $10.50

Seeing her face as she sat at her first movie, watching her bounce to each song, running through the theater after the lights were up, seeing Princess Tiana and sharing this experience with my own Princess...PRICELESS!


Nutsy Coco said...

That child's grin is priceless!

Sweet Patience said...

Glad you all had a wonderful time. Everyone that went enjoyed it! These are priceless pictures.

Handmade Mama said...

@Mel, thank you woman for your sweet compliment about Kayd's smile!

@Kristy, the movie was VERY enjoyable and the music was even better. Kayden was bobbing at each song! Thanks for the compliemnt on the photos!

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